Stars mean different things to different people. For some it is simply a spec of light, and for others it stands for hope. How can we remind the people of the NYC about the invisible stars? Viwi helps New Yorkers to follow real stars granting children with the partner, Make a Wish foundation.

Interactive wall

Interesting platform
volume that can catch your eyes
Mobile app

always-carrying platform
flexible gesture

User Journey    
1. Being attracted
  • Discover the interactive wall on a public space, like a park or square
  • There are a lot of(or not that many from opposite point of view) stars with children’s wishes

2. Learn more
  • Read the wishes* and stories.
    *All the wishes are already fulfilled in order not to compete each other. 
  • Some are tear-jerkers, heartfelt, funny, or jaw-dropping
  • You can share them with your anyone

3. Setup
  • You don’t want to donate through the interactive wall because of security issue
  • Download the app via QRcode or email link

4. Donate
  • You can read more stories in the app
  • All the stars live in the sky. Pick up your phone toward the sky and see the stars twinkling like the real ones
  • Make a donation(or more)
  • More wishes are being fulfilled, more stars will be ligntened up in the sky. 

5. Track & Manage
  • You will get notification when new wish is fulfilled, no matter you donated or not.