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MSI stands for ‘Meses sin intereses’ in Spanish, which is a financial offer that allows the users to pay the total cost divided through several months.

Since Walmart Mexico started to offer MSI, there was limited information and visibility of MSI in post-checkout leaded order cancellation(12% in total, 8.5% for hot sale)
  • Once the customer completed their checkout, No MSI information in the Order confirmation page, order detail page: Customers who avail the MSI facility for the payment, are unclear whether the MSI applied to their order. There is no way to find out post-checkout.
  • MSI information is not much noticeable in the Order confirmation email besides provided information is limited.
  • Customers are further misled by the bank transaction entry on their account statement that shows the entire order amount(this transaction is for the authorization only however customers think that amount is charged)

Competitors audit of visibility
We took a look at the competitors and our current check-out flow to see how much information is shown in post-checkout flow comparably. Most of the competitors were currently handling the detailed MSI information in check-out flow but not after then. Mercado Libre was the only one who has the most visibility.

What’s the current process of applying MSI? Which information should we show?
The MSI is currently applied by orders, not by items, with a single installment option. When the customers choose MSI in the checkout flow, they will select which credit card to make a payment through MSI and how many months to divide the total. Also, the checkout shows which items will be applied or not, and the monthly payment of MSI.

We also gathered the questions asked by the customers from the Call center regarding their MSI inquiries of the order. The customers were checking; if the MSI is applied on their order, how does MSI work, why do they see the total amount of the order in the bank transaction even MSI applied, etc. These are just all the missing information even though they’ve seen in check-out flow.

  1. Customers want to check if the MSI is applied properly on their orders.
  2. Customers want to know which items are being paid by MSI
  3. Customers want to see how much they will pay every month and how long
  4. Customers want to know how the bank will take care of their MSI payments.

Provide MSI information in detail in post-checkout journey

  • Order level information in Order confirmation page, Order confirmation email, Order history page, and Order detail page. 
  • Item level information in Order confirmation page, order confirmation email, and Order detail page.
  • Bank chose
  • Total amount you pay MSI
  • Amount of monthly payment
  • What you will see in your bank transaction
  • Support line

It’s launched at the first week of September and still in process collecting the data. Since August was the hot sale event, although total cancellation number has risen a bit, the percentage of cancellation reason for the MSI seems down facing. 

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