Product Designer

Seolhee Cho
Product Designer

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I am working in Walmart as a Senior Product Designer in the fulfillment domain.

My team
The fulfillment team is working on improving the post-checkout experience of all the Walmart banners in Mexico. We are not focusing on the customer experiences, but also store associates(staff) and sellers. 

My projects were focused on two big banners, Walmart and Walmart Super(On demand grocery).

Walmart( is an online wholesaler/retailer. There are different sellers selling their products. Most of products are “durable”(like furniture, electic devices). Your order are shipped from the warehouse. 

Walmart Super( is an online platform that connects you to the offline store. Your order is coming from the offline Walmart stores based on your location. The grocery items are the biggest category of the store but the range is not limited to the grocery category. 

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