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I created the illustration system and its guideline!

Since Walmart MX launched, we were receiving continuous feedback that the current design looks very boring and lacks colors. Although we had an existing illustration set made a long time ago, it needed to be refreshed while the Design System is being revamped. I worked on introducing a new illustration style that is aligned with its strategy and principles of the new Walmart design identity for Mexico.

Illustration in the online experience
The illustration is a powerful tool that supports the messaging to be easily understood, encourages positive emotions, and even reduces unexpected frustrations. It ultimately leads the viewers to be engaged in the branded experience.

Why is it important to have a branded illustration?
The illustration represents how the brand communicates with its customers. It brings brand awareness and potentially brand affinity to the customers.

Why is it important to have a guideline for the illustration?
A guideline promotes the consistency of the brand’s voice and tone of its overall experience.

Who’s the audience? - Field trip and interview locals
I took a lot of photos, visited a lot of local places, and even met new friends :)
I visited Mexico City to learn how they see the world and what kind of things they think it’s cool, etc.

Not only did I look around the city, but also I requested an interview with the locals to learn deeply about their culture and their perspective of Walmart.

The physical stores are for everyone - from young to old- whole family. For them, doing grocery shopping is not even a task. They go to Walmart stores to have family time as an entertainment place. But the online stores are usually being used by 20-40s. We invited 6 local people and I asked a fun question to them. One of the questions I made was..“If Walmart is a person, how would you describe it?” 

The answers were interestingly similar: “The person is in the 60s, a white male. He’s trying hard to hang out with young people but no-one actually thinks he’s fun”

We found out they prefer a vibrant and lively look and feel. They knew that Walmart is from US. Also, they love its “American” vibe from Walmart that gives them the reliability of the products, but at the same time, they believed that Walmart MX came to serve Mexico.

Voice and tone
The illustration will have the same voice and tone as the content strategy and the brand identity: Friendly, delightful, and supportive.

The illustration style reflects the market, its culture, and its characteristics. The modern and clean style helps relieve stress which viewers may have from the during a long process or an unexpected event. Also, the geometric shapes allow it to become production friendly. 

1. Simplicity - Less is more
2. Clarity - Convey a clear message
3. Empathy - lead the audience emotion positive

What’s in the guideline

The guideline, not only intoduces a new illustration style, but also contains the frameworks that help you create a new illustration using the sticker sheet. There are 8 steps for the designers to answer in order to create a successful asset. 

1) Is it really neccessary?(What to highlight)
2) Who’s the target?(Understanding audience)
3) What’s the main purpose of the illustration?(Main idea)
4) What other objects can support the main idea?(Secondary idea)
5) Where/How does it live?(Size and layout)
6) Use cases(Reference)

Here are some of my favorite illustrations done︎

Projects [Intro] [MSI] [Illustration Guideline